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    We are a Michigan Web Design, Development and SEO Firm located in Detroit. We have done work for large non-profits, local businesses, non-profits and professional practices. We also work with start up companies and bloggers. Whatever your next website idea may be, we're here to help!

    Web & SEO


    With over 10 years in web design and development experience, joined with over five years of Search Engine Optimization expertise, Detroit Web Developers create robust powerful websites quickly and efficiently. Our consultations are free, and we stand behind our work.



    Inbound Marketing is the process of using content, social media, search engine optimization, email, lead nurturing and marketing automation to attract and retain customers. The Detroit Web Developers can create a custom inbound marketing campaign to increase leads and convert to customers and clients.

    Email Blasts

    Newsletter Campaigns

    Regular communication is key in nurturing relationships with your clients and customers. Detroit Web Developers can design, host and deploy your email blasts and newsletter campaigns to keep your business or non profit in front of your customers.
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    We Provide

    • Website Design and Development
    • Joomla CMS experts
    • Search Engine Optimizations
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Graphic Design Services
    • Social Media Monitoring



    While we can work with the Wordpress, Drupal and Magento platforms, we develop mainly in Joomla! We have found that it is the most usable Content Manangement System (CMS) for business and non-profits where there may not be high level coding experience on staff.

    User Focused

    Web Development

    SEO is great, but what about the users? We haven't forgotten that the user experience is just as important as getting to the top of the search engines. If your website is confusing, or you are getting a lot of questions that have answers on your website, then it's a clear indication that your site needs to be better developed for humans. Detroit Web Developers specializes in user experience and visitor interaction. We can help you decrease redundant questions by optimizing your site for humans!
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    What is Joomla?

    The Differences

    Joomla is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It differs from Wordpress, which is primarily a Blogging platform, and Drupal which is a web framework, and not a CMS. Joomla is the ideal platform to run your website on as it's extremely powerful and flexible, but easy enough to use for non-web savvy employees to create and update.

    What Is Wordpress?

    Why you need it

    Wordpress is the World's top blogging platform and with the competition these days, can you really afford not to have one? Having a website blog not only fosters communication with your customers, but also improves SEO and incoming traffic. Let Detroit Web Developers assist you in incorporating a blog on your website! Boost your SEO and inbound marketing today!

    Getting Started

    How We Can Help You

    We're here to help you. The bottom line is that your time is better spent elsewhere, promoting and gaining new business. Let us take care of your website needs. We'll build, maintain and fix. We can even create content for you if needed!

Free Joomla Demo

Joomla Demo Try out the Joomla! CMS
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We Save You Money

Detroit Web Developers specializes in creating business websites that are cost effective, but just work the way you want it to. We take care of all aspects of the setup and buildout, and will provide optional maintenance and content updates.

  • Business Websites
  • Non-Profits
  • Start Up Companies
  • Professional Services
  • Landscaping sites
  • Construction sites
  • Affiliate Marketing

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Our Guarantee

The Detroit Web Developers stand behind our work 100%. Our scope of work, what we do and how we do it all lead up to our satisfaction guarantee. guarantee-seal

This Month's SEO Tip

SEO links keyword phrasesNever use "Click Here" for your links!
Links to your site from other sites and those that are on your site linking to other pages should have keyword phrases such as "Lawn Mowing Services in Detroit" if you're a landscaping company linking to the lawnmowing page.

What We Do.

Detroit Web Developers is a Michigan Web Design Firm.

We are Experts in Joomla, Search Engine Optimization, inbound marketing, social media promotions, Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, Email Blasts, Email Marketing, Newsletter communications, ecommerce and general business and non profit websites. We're ready to help you get your next website off the ground or redesign your existing site! Contact us today for a free consultation and discussion!